William R. Stott, Jr.


This website is intended as an invitation, an invitation to take advantage of our joyful life. We have had, by the grace of God, an extraordinarily rich and varied experience. All of our forays and failures, fits and starts, ups and downs, along with some partial successes have been attended by wonder and a desire-even a compulsion–to share. I am blessed to be, I know now, before and after all, a teacher.

Empowered by our love and marriage, we have embraced, in good faith, all of the events of our lives as opportunities in the context of wonder and awe. In the short and the long of it, we love people and the gift of life.

To the point: We propose that you review the contents of the website’s offerings. Conduct your review with an eye on seeing any points of affectivity or areas of sympathy with your own life. If you find any such, you are welcome to call or to send me an e-mail briefly outlining your interest. My CV plus attachments is arranged in a tabular format for further review, discussion, and conversation.

I look forward to exploring if and how we can be helpful to you. I can assure you of two things: All of the activities and events included in these pages, I have “done” in some real and palpable way. In addition, I am very skilled at helping people seeing their situation in a fresh and positive way.

God bless….

William R. Stott, Jr.

Bill and Peggy are Benedictine Oblates and Founders of the Benedictine community at Deogratias.co.

He is a poet, artist, naturalist, ornithologist, athlete and trainer.

He has served as President of Ripon College in Wisconsin, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs at Georgetown University, and Dean of Freshmen at Fordham University.

As a faculty member at these institutions, he has taught a wide variety of courses in English and American literature and History, notably Shakespeare, British and American Romanticism, epic and lyric poetry, and Scripture, as well as Biology and Ornithology.

Bill now serves as a Consultant/Teacher, advising and designing college level adult educational programs and curricula for a wide variety of non-profit organizations. He is presently supporting and managing his second model senior home care facility.

In addition to Scripture, he teaches Ethics and History. A lifelong competitive athlete, he is a certified physical trainer (TRX). He believes athletics is one of the essential liberal arts, as is exploration. A Fellow National of the Explorer’s Club, he is also a Founding Director and Principal of Thomas More College.

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